Show Alert: Born Gold @ Magic Stick

Although we're pretty lucky here in Metro Detroit when it comes to all-Canadian indie stacked shows, it's not uncommon for bands to come through as an opener (Yukon Blonde, Dan Mangan, Suuns, Little Scream). That's the case tonight (Sat., Sep. 17) at the Magic Stick, when Born Gold (the former Gobble Gobble) opens for Washed Out and Deastro. For $15 you could see eight bands at Phog Phest. But if you can't get to Windsor, we think you'll find Born Gold is well worth the price. They're touring in support of their debut LP as Born Gold, Bodysongs. Listen.

 From our review of their show at the Phog Lounge in April: Gobble Gobble (Edmonton)-- the brainchild of Cecil Frena, with Calvin McElroy, Corin Roddick and Graham Nickle-- took the crowd to a surreal kind of primal-tribal-mystical Roman theater set to experimental, futurist pop. With Frena at the microphone and keyboards/synth and Roddick at the drums, instead of bringing the crowd to the show, McElroy and Nickle brought the show to the crowd. Shirtless, in pink tutus, on drywall stilts, they roamed the room, thrusting strange objects out for people to touch, engaging in a mock battle with shovels. Weird and campy performance art? Sure. But make no mistake, the music is brilliant.

Born Gold @ Phog Lounge, Apr. 2011

Photo: Russ Gordon/N2D Images